Automatic Utilities Inc.

Automatic Fuel Deliveries:

Automatic delivery is available for our customers who never want to worry about running out of fuel. Deliveries are scheduled automatically and typically there is no need to be home when the delivery is made. We use the past history of customer deliveries in combination with the local weather to accurately forecast when deliveries are needed. This ensures that as an Automatic Utilities customer you'll always have fuel in your tank no matter what Mother Nature brings. 

To establish your automatic program you first will call us three times when your tank is down to a 1/4. After that we will deliver by the established degree day system automatically. Once you are on our Automatic delivery program you will stay on it every year, unless you tell us otherwise. 

Budget Program:

A monthly budget plan is an effective way to avoid high heating oil bills during the winter months. Automatic Utilities uses estimated annual expenditures and divides that amount into equal monthly payments. The budget amount may be adjusted up or down as many times as needed throughout the season depending on price and weather. By spreading your payments over a 12 month program, starting in July, you get the convenience of predictable low monthly

Our Budget runs from July-June each year.  After your initial set up you just pay off of your budget coupons. You will not receive any statement. At the time of delivery you will be charged the cash price if you have enough credit at that time. These accounts are reviewed and updated as necessary.   

Farm Diesel Program:

We offer a farm program price during the season with a 1000 gallon minimum. Season dates are April 1st through November 30th. We do not offer fixed pricing, but will offer a very competitive rate. Prices are recalculated every Monday, and will remain the same for the week. 

Oil Delivery Methods

Maintaining your fuel system to prevent leaks and spills is vital. Cleaning up oil leaks from home heating systems can be expensive. The average cost can range between $20,000 and $50,000, with some cleanups costing significantly more. Here are ways to prevent leaks and spills, and protect the environment:


You, the customer, should visually inspect your tank, piping, and fuel delivery lines. If a leak is detected please notify us immediately. 

You should schedule to have us clean the furnace and repair or replace damaged parts. A well maintained furnace means lower fuel bills and cleaner emissions. 

If you are having tank issues, please let us know. Our service department can fix your problem,  or replace your tank if necessary. 

Tank Inspections:
We will inspect your fuel tank before all first time deliveries. Thereafter, we will inspect on an annual basis. 

New York State Fire Code states that you must have the following for your fuel tank, piping and tubing:

  • Steel, wrought iron, copper or brass piping (NOT PVC)
  • The tank must be at least 5' from a fire or flame
  • Satisfactory condition of the tank legs and foundation
  • No observable indication of corrosion
  • Operable shut-off valve at the tank
  • The unused tank openings must be piped outside and not through a window
  • If more than one fill pipe, identify them by tag or color
  • The size of the vent pipe must be at least  1 1/4" up to 2"
  • The fill and vent pipes are to be at least 2' from building openings
  • Vent pipes must be free from obstruction
  • Vents must be at least as large as the pump discharge when filled through tight connections
  • Liquid level vent alarms (whistle) must be installed

Maintaining Your Fuel Systems

We offer a variety of petroleum products to fit your many needs.

-Residential Heating Oil/Kerosene

-Commercial Heating Oil/Kerosene

-On and Off Road Diesel

-Gasoline (87 Octane) 

Please note that our minimum delivery is 150 gallons. 

                            *No Whistle-No Delivery*

Petroleum Division

We believe in reliable service at fair prices. This is why our prices are almost always less than our competition. You can rest in your decision to get your petroleum products from Automatic Utilities!  

Our "Best Price Guarantee" is available by paying for your order at the time of delivery (COD) or for our billing customers paying within 10 days