Maintaining your fuel system to prevent leaks and spills is vital. Cleaning up oil leaks from home heating systems can be expensive. The average cost can range between $20,000 and $50,000, with some cleanups costing significantly more. Here are ways to prevent leaks and spills, and protect the environment:


You, the customer, should visually inspect your tank, piping, and fuel delivery lines. If a leak is detected please notify us immediately.  It is important for the homeowner to understand that the oil tank is their property and their responsibility.

You should schedule to have us clean the furnace and repair or replace damaged parts. A well maintained furnace means lower fuel bills and cleaner emissions. 

If you are having tank issues, please let us know. Our service department can fix your problem,  or replace your tank if necessary. 

Tank Inspections:
We will inspect your fuel tank before all first time deliveries. Thereafter, we will inspect on an annual basis. 

New York State Fire Code states that you must have the following for your fuel tank, piping and tubing:

  • Steel, wrought iron, copper or brass piping (NOT PVC)
  • The tank must be at least 5' from a fire, flame or panel box.
  • Satisfactory condition of the tank legs and foundation
  • No observable indication of corrosion
  • Operable shut-off valve at the tank
  • The  tank fill and vents must be piped outside and within 2 feet from each other
  • If more than one fill pipe, identify them by tag or color
  • The size of the vent pipe must be at least  1 1/4" up to 2"
  • The fill and vent pipes are to be at least 2' from building opening
  • Vent pipes must be free from obstruction
  • Vents must be at least as large as the pump discharge when filled through tight connections
  • Liquid level vent alarms (whistle) must be installed

Petroleum Division

If you are currently on automatic delivery with us now, Buell will continue to make your delivery needs based on your records with us.  Budget customers will remain on a budget plan, HEAP and BUDGET dollars have been forwarded to Buell Fuels to be applied against your new fuel account with them.

If you have a credit card on file with us, this information will not be forwarded on.  You will need to contact them and issue the credit card you wish to have on file with Buell.


Automatic Utilities, is NOT giving up the SERVICE
side of our business.  We are still here to serve your


Maintaining Your Fuel Systems




Automatic Utilities would like to take this opportunity to thank you for letting us serve your PETROLEUM FUEL needs for the past 40 plus years.
However; due to the changing times Automatic Utilities is getting out of the petroleum delivery business.  The sale of petroleum division only is going to Buell Fuels, and should be completed by December 22nd .  Buell Fuels is an independent, family-owned company based in Deansboro, New York, with locations in Jamesville, Waterville, Richfield Springs, Remsen, Sylvan Beach and Little Falls.  

Automatic Utilities Inc.