Automatic Utilities Inc.

Preventative Maintenance

Heating Services

Whether it is your car, home, or heating system, regular maintenance is key to preventing problems.

We maintain and service all types of furnaces and boilers.  

We recommend that gas furnaces and boilers be cleaned and inspected once every two years.  We recommend that oil boilers and furnaces be cleaned and inspected once a year. 

We offer a discount for our fuel customers on all furnace and boiler cleanings. 

Remember that the older the heating system, the more vulnerable it is to failure. Consider upgrading to a modern, fuel efficient system. 


Service Work

In Upstate New York we know the importance of having reliable heat in our homes. This also means that we need a reliable service company for our heating systems.

At Automatic Utilities we maintain and service all types of furnaces and boilers. We pride ourselves on making your heating emergency our own, getting you and your family warm again as soon as possible. We can repair your existing system or install a new system if needed. 

When you experience heating problems in the dead of winter it can be a very stressful situation. We service all types of heating systems:

     -gas furnaces and boilers

     -oil furnaces and boilers

     -electric baseboard heating 

     -in floor heating systems

Call us when you have a problem and we will get to your house as soon as possible to get your system running again. 

We offer 24 hours service for your heating emergencies. If you are experiencing a heating emergency, please call our normal office after hours and listen for directions.